Society of OBs

The Old Brentwoods Society was founded in 1899. The Society headquarters is the Clubhouse, at Ashwells Road, which is the focus for Old Brentwood sporting endeavours but is also an excellent venue for social activities. Regular Society events include the Summer Ball, President's Cocktail Party, the Halloween/Fireworks Party, the family Christmas Lunch and the Burns Night Supper, while member clubs and associated groups organise regular dinners and other social functions. The Clubhouse provides an excellent venue for members to hold their private parties: birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions etc.

The Society encourages the activities of all Old Brentwoods. A welcome development has been the establishment of reunion parties and area based luncheon clubs and the Society sees these as important means of Old Brentwoods renewing or maintaining contact with members of their old school. There is an established Old Brentwoods Masonic Lodge and Old Brentwoods Livery lunches are regularly organised in London.

The Old Brentwoods Society seeks to support all Old Brentwood activities and is aware of the need to provide opportunities for the changing demography of today's school leavers. In this respect, Old Brentwoods of recent generations who would like to play a part in the organisation of the Society are actively sought to help maintain our Society as one of the most effective and vibrant old school associations in the country.

To find out more about the Society, please contact Society Registrar Sarb Singh (OB 2006) on